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”Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. From expo to rock ´n´ roll.”

Milos - Structural Systems

A wide range of products & support structures featuring extensive connection compatibility with many popular trussing systems.

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A premium quality truss manufacturer focused on research & development of stylish solutions for custom & bespoke projects.

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An aluminium truss and structural components manufacturer for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition, and worship industries.

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There are different levels of quality when talking about aluminium trusses. There is the quality of the raw material, the quality of welding and the quality on the manufacturing process. Products have to comply with all the relevant international standards and they are tested and certified by the most respectable certification institutes.

High quality equals safety. This is guaranteed not only through certificates, but also with common sense and deep knowledge of engineers and installers. The product needs to be calculated and certified through rigorous calculation reports and installation must be tested by a qualified engineer. The Standards that are commonly used for the technical evaluation of a product refer to normative codes issued and recognized at a national and international level. Among these we can mention ANSI, BS, EN, ISO, DIN. Each of these outlines a different calculation approach, still leading to similar results. LITEC’s products and processes are certified by the following bodies:

One of the world's leading organisations supplying technical services, certify the quality of processes and products


GSI SLV München (Schweißtechnische Lehr – und Versuchsanstalt)
Certify that welding quality control process is carried out in accordance with German standard DIN V 4113-3. LITEC is certified at class C, the most demanding of the certification grades, corresponding to the highest levels of quality.


DVS Zert
Certify the process of welding according to the European and international standard EN ISO 3834-2, and provide certified welders' licenses. DVS Zert is ANBCC (Authorized National Body for Company Certification) for Germany, within EWF (European Welding Federation) and IIW (International Institute of Welding).


DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)
Is the Center of Competence in Civil Engineering. They certify the resistance of welding between aluminium extruded profiles and die-cast end plates. It is a member of EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Approvals) and other national and international organisations.


University of Padua – Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Carry out 'Stress Tests' on trussing products.


Iuav University of Venice – Department of Architectural Construction
Carry out 'Stress Tests' on trussing products.

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