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”Worldwide leader in event engineered support structures. From expo to rock ´n´ roll.”

Milos - Structural Systems

A wide range of products & support structures featuring extensive connection compatibility with many popular trussing systems.

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A premium quality truss manufacturer focused on research & development of stylish solutions for custom & bespoke projects.

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An aluminium truss and structural components manufacturer for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition, and worship industries.

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Trussing & Rigging

Trussing & Rigging

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The training with Eric Porter (Advisor Plasa, UK) will cover rigging and the fundamentals of the use of trusses

Eric Porter

LITEC – Via Martin Luther King, 70 Casale sul Sile, Treviso, Italy

To be defined.

The course includes an intensive training program dealing with theoretical and practical rigging. Eric Porter, one of the most experienced international riggers, will provide both theoretical and practical notions in the most exhaustive way possible.
Courses are in English language. Although Eric Porter explains in a simple and clear manner, it is useful to speak and write fluent English.
During the training participants will have the opportunity to visit the showroom of LITEC and attend a session on the new LITEC technologies in the trussing world.
·         Materials and structures
·         Regulations and Risk Assessment
·         Standards and Guidance
·         Personal Fall Protection Systems for Working at Height
·         Ropes and Knots
·         Inspection and Records
·         Lifting Principles - basic science, angled loads
·         Truss Assembly and Slinging/Floating
·         Bridle Theory and Practical
·         Bridle Analysis (Load Calculations)
·         Examples of Common Bad Practice
·         Secondary Suspensions and Rescue Plans
·         Chain Hoists, Rigging-Derigging-Slack Running, Flying.
It is advisable to bring one's Personal Fall Protection Systems for the whole length of the course as such: safety harness, hard hat, fall-arrest system, work positioner. Trainees are asked to send a list of their equipment items.
If required, LITEC can provide trainees with Personal Fall Protection Systems LITEC without any charge.

The cost is €449.00 + VAT, and is comprehensive of the course manual, coffee breaks and lunches for all the days.
The "Handbook of Rigging" is also available during the courses, and can be purchased at the end of the course, without any additional charge from the cover price.

At the end of the course participants will obtain a certificate of 20-hour attendance from LITEC / Doc Servizi
A full list of hotels and other accomodation to book at agreed rates is also available. 

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