LiteCAD Evolution



Feel free to draw your ideal structure

LiteCAD was conceived to meet the needs of technicians who work in the entertainment 
business, in theatres, in TV studios, in trade fairs and everywhere our aluminium trusses are used.


LiteCAD is a user-friendly design program specifically written for managing Litec products. With this software, technicians are quickly able to put together the structure they have in mind and propose it to their clients.

Furthermore, it instantly draws up a list of the components needed, with technical data, such as weight and space occupied. It is possible to upload DXF files such as theatre drawings and build up a structure. All this without needing any specialist knowledge of the CAD world.

Litec Cad was written and designed for Windows® and therefore automatically has all its best features from compatibility upwards. It can also work with Windows emulators for Mac. 
For further information and updates on its potential, please contact our Engineering Department.



  • Drag and drop architecture for configuring your structure.
  • Dynamic library consists of truss, corners, connections and accessories.
  • Instantaneous processing that creates a list of necessary components and their respective technical specifications (number of connections, footprint, etc.).
  • The configurator development team is committed to creating system libraries for the complete range of LITEC products. Current systems available to download from the LiteCAD library are:
QX25SA / QX30SA / QX40SA
QH30SA / QH40SA / RH40SA 
L-Wall / Towerlift 3 / Crowd Barriers