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"The Highest Stage in the World"

Design of a prism-shaped stage with a triangular base made in MyT, QL85A, QD30SA and QX30S trusses for Vasco Rossi’s Live Kom Tour.

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Basic info

  • 3 Towers, each of which consists of 4 square section columns linked to one another, which rise up to 42m
  • the trusses that join the towers are set up on 3 levels and are linked with steel sleeve blocks
  • at the top of the towers several elements are fixed merely for scenic purposes like cranes of a building site, bringing the global height to 54 metres from the ground, the highest height ever reached

It was not a conventional roof system, but a “naked” structure in order to amaze people for its shape and volume. Audacious technical solutions in height were adopted to create great visual impact.

The First
Rigging & Trussing
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