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It is a new system for small-medium-large LED SCREEN WALLS which provides the possibility to connect the LED WALL element, usually 50 x 50 cm, in each of their conjunctions points.Using the L-WALL SYSTEM as a support for your LED WALL installations improve dramatically the assembling time and assure a solid and very robust frame to hold the screen in position.Its modularity makes it possible also to reinforce the structure adding other element further back of the structure up to the safest situation possible.The fork connection system allow to create arch for different configurations but also a support system in case of horizontal use.

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Basic info

  • Chords A, Extruded tube    50 x 50 X 4 mm, EN AW – 6082 T
  • Braces C, Extruded tube    50 x 40 X 3 mm, EN AW – 6082 T6
  • Diagonals B, Extruded tube Ø 38 x 4 mm, EN AW – 6082 T6
  • Ends D, Aluminium forks connectors, EN AW-6082 T6
  • Connection system KHLP, Cylindrical pin + safety R-clip
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