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ML2 Telescopic Lift

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Basic info

ML2 Telescopic lift

The safest and most user friendly,

TUV and BGVC1 certified telescopic lift you can buy


Load 200,00kg Level indicator
Weight 126,00kg Height indicator
Max. Height - ML2-5520 5,5m Top mast safety attachement points
Max. Height - ML2-6520 6,5m Second lock mechanism
Min. Height 1,82m Winch cover (optional)
Work surface 2,4 x 2,4m Horizontal transport (optional)

 Protecting your investment as well as your safety

Tested & Certified to work with 5 degree inclination in accordance with the latest and upcoming safety standards that require safe operation on a sloping base. Our contribution to your business.


Simple and fast levelling

Built in levelling and height indicators allow for quick installation with improved stability and safety, even on uneven surfaces. Optional winch cover available.


Roll it to where you need it

Horizontal castors allow for easy manipulation and transport so crews quickly and safely get to the final location.


Wide range of attachment possibilities with built-in safety

A wide range of accessories increase usability and value. The ability to adapt to various insert diameters allows fast and easy attachment of many types of loads.


Surface protection

Rubber pads on the ends of the stabilisation bars protect floor surfaces against damage, giving peace of mind to you and your customers.