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Soft Steel Slings

1 model: 2 tons; 3 sizes from 1 to 3 metres in diameter; Safety factor 5:1

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Basic info

  • High heat resistance
  • Core: 25 loops of zinc plated 2mm wire rope
  • Inspection gap permits a complete inspection of the wire rope
  • They comply with the Standards EN 13414 1-3, EN 1492-2, BGV-C1

Steel wire loop sling protected with black reinforced sheath abrasion-resistant. When installed, it does not need any additional safety device.
The MODE FACTOR, i.e. the way a roundsling is used, should always be considered when calculating rigging capacities. For
this reason and owing to their susceptibility to shear, roundslings have a cofficient of 7 (EN 1492-2). Do not tie or connect roundslings to each other since this reduces their actual capacity in an uncontrollable way.