A new member of the LITEC Roof System family


The LITEC QL52 double pitch roof is an evolution of LITEC’s popular QL40A single pitch roof and is the right choice for your medium-sized outdoor events. Thanks to its double pitch construction and use of QL52A load-bearing truss with fork connections, it looks great and provides stability you can count on, even during severe wind conditions that increase loading requirements.
Key benefits:
  • 15 x 12 metres
  • From 7 to 11 metres tall
  • Constructed from LITEC’s QL52A high load, anti-torsion truss with 50mm x 4mm chords, 30mm x 3mm diagonals, and fork connectors
  • 4x Maxitower 40 towers
  • 7,000 kg UDL
  • Optional PA/LED wall wings
  • Covered technical areas available on request 
  • 8 hour set-up time with 5 riggers