A Product Presentation in Konopiste Castle

Rental Pro has recently worked with LITEC’s Czech Distributor Music Data to put on a highly successful demo concert, presenting the NEXO STM system to an invited audience of partners and customers from Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The demo took place in a natural amphitheatre in the grounds of Konopiste Castle, just outside Prague. A roof system in LIBERA FL76 was set up in combination with D8 1120kg and 2000kg EXE-Rise chain hoists. The LIBERA system consisted of one central roof structure with 15x12x10 (h)m dimensions laying on 4 towers made in QL52A trusses, and of two 6x2x10m PA wings on 4 legs.

After the demos the system stayed in place for a concert by Czech swing and jazz singer Vojta Dyk and the B Side Band before an audience of 3,500 people.

The staff of Music Data and Rental Pro handled the events, with the former looking after customers and Rental Pro in charge of building the stage and rigging the systems.

The combination of the LIBERA system with the EXE-Rise chain hoists proved to be very effective. LIBERA leaves you free to decide the best solution for every job. EXE-Rise chain hoists are strong, versatile, the ideal products for entertainment applications.