News releases a new educational video series with Eric Porter


Area Four Industries mentors four of the world’s largest truss manufacturing companies for the entertainment industry: Litec, Milos, Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering.
One of its missions is to elevate event engineering & safety practices through education programs in partnership with leading industry professionals.
A further step in achieving its mission is the recent launching of the world’s first internet TV channel dedicated to trussing and rigging - – which has just released a new video series with Eric Porter, who provides an entertaining and easy to understand view of truss rigging basics that are beneficial for everyone to revisit.
Who's Eric?
Eric Porter can be described as a man who’s experienced almost everything concerning truss and rigging. With more than forty years of international experience, he should know! And now he’s sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise through a new series of short educational videos. Enjoy and learn!
Don’t miss out on this video series and get ready for more video series themes to be released soon!
Click here to see the videos: