Donoma Sound Theater and Food

Sophisticated ambience, elegance and charm.

For Donoma Sound Theater and Food in Civitanova Marche LITEC built 3 concentric circles of 2, 4 and 6 meters, parceled out in 8 beams. Also 2 spans of 12 and 14 meters and a single span of 14 meters were installed in the Theater and the Dinner Area respectively. All the equipment was made in QX30SA.

The name of Donoma derives from the word that symbolizes the advent of the light after the darkness. It is a venue of approximately 1,400 sqm, capable of accommodating 1,000 people and divided into two communicating complementary areas: the restaurant that becomes a real ballroom after dinner and the Theater that features special scenes and lighting effects.

The club was designed by Marco Lucchi, the architect of some of the most beautiful clubs all over Italy. It is a place for a medium-high audience, where quality catering combines with elegant environments.

The entire installation was managed and looked after by Spray Records, a well-known rental company based in Pescara.