LITEC SAM, Swing Adjusting Module

The Twister Sleeve Block

The Swing Adjusting Module (SAM) is a 3-hinge module designed to eliminate rigid constraints between grid and towers and avoid transmitting stress from one to the others.
The system is based on the concept of a cardan joint that allows for bidirectional movement, leaving the grid free to follow the inherent deformations created by the load.

The SAM system is applied to a special sleeve block and is not available separately. A standard sleeve block cannot be retrofitted with the SAM system.

From operational tests...


What SAM can do is much more than what can be explained. While its operation is automatic because it is self-leveling, operational tests with oscillations and misalignments of the trusses have confirmed perfect functionality of this device, thus solving a complex problem. the live use.

Any stress, other than pure vertical load, is nullified on the SAM sleeve-block because it transfers only the vertical load to the tower, thus maximizing its load capacity. The SAM clearance tolerance allows for a slight correction to the positioning of the towers even during advanced setup.

The tilt adjuster (A) has two positions in which the structure can be secured: 0° and 5°. In the case of a sloping roof, free rotation is possible while lifting the grid until it reaches a slope of 5°, where the system is locked.

The SAM is also equipped with two other joints (B,C) that allow for permanent free rotation in two planes