Dual Power-Tower Sleeve Block

We divided the towers to have twice the capacity*

The Dual Power-Tower Sleeve Block integrates two LITEC QL52 aluminum truss towers. It provides a single connection for horizontal LITEC Myt Steroid Folding truss.

The rise & fall is controlled via polyethylene pads to give stability and fluidity of movement.

The system comprises LITEC Multi-tower Heavy Duty Bases, QL52 trusses with tops and standard safety blocks. The bases are connected by a link module supplied with the special configuration Sleeve Block.

A simple and easy-to-implement solution. The advantages are immediate and, sometimes, allow set-ups in environments where it would be complicated or prohibited to raise heavier towers.

*The load capacity is determined by many factors, please refer to the user manual.

A robust and attractive tower

A simple solution to build large-scale towers with clear advantages:

● No need to use, purchase, or rent a single heavy tower compatible with Myt Steroid Folding spans;

● Use of LITEC QL52 aluminum truss, very common and easily available;

● Installation without the need for large lifting cranes;

● The simultaneous use of 2 chain hoists in the same tower.

Useful for outdoors, and sometimes irreplaceable indoors

● Easy installation of large Ground Support even inside sports halls, fairs, convention centers, or outdoor areas where it is difficult to use mobile crane or other heavy vehicles.

● Available in 2-way 180°. With added modules, 90° corners compatible with LITEC RL105 truss are also available.

2-way 180° version

Dual-Power Tower Sleeve Blocks in action