EXE Rise chain hoist school at the Hoistpital

Specialist Rigging and Chain Hoist service and inspection centre, The Hoistpital, recently hosted an official EXE Rise Training session, held at their premises in Bedford U.K. The training session was specifically for the maintenance team from Neg Earth who own a substantial quantity of EXE Rise chain hoists in both 1120kg and 2000kg Capacity.

With EXE Rise Hoists now being used on many of Neg Earths major shows, the team were keen to get official training to enable them to properly service and maintain their growing fleet. The Hoispital handle the annual inspection and certification for all of Neg Earth’s motors and have recently serviced nearly 200 EXE Rise hoists, ready for a long stint of touring work coming up over the next 12 months.

The training session was presented by Adam Beaumont from Area Four Industries U.K., Fabio Prada from Area Four Industries / Litec Italy and Giovanni Rebeschin from RWM Italy, and consisted of a full day of hands on workshop time, stripping down and reassembling hoists the hoists, fault finding and load testing.

The day also included a demonstration of the PLASA award winning EXE CELL, a load cell system that is fully integrated into the EXE Rise Hoist, providing accurate load monitoring via a bright clear display, overload and underload shut down feature, and free monitoring and management software.

Rick Williamson, “Head of the motors” at Neg Earth commented:

“The Exe Rise training was not only useful but also enjoyable for us guys at Neg Earth. I am really impressed with this hoist, the gear box is truly something special. From a technicians point of view The Exe Rise is great to work on and the service provided is second to none.”

Kyle Byatt, Founder and owner of the Hoistpital spoke very highly of the Hoists:

“The training day really showed the benefits of the EXE Rise range. The unit has been refined to make a perfectly decent touring hoist that will rival what the industry have been using for years. They are a real market changer”.

Area Four Industries manufacture and distribute four major truss brands globally, Milos, Litec, Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering, along with the complimentary EXE Technology range of hoisting, tracking and controls systems and the Mobiltech Range of telescopic lifts.

Area Four U.K. now offer a free of charge on site demo of the full range of EXE Rise Chain hoist, EXE Drive Controllers and EXE CELL load monitoring system. To book your free demonstration (U.K.) please email