Extra strength in a triangular format

In 1995 LITEC developed the first end-plate connection system for truss using a die cast aluminium plate. This “design feature” currently remains the most distinguishing element of the LITEC range of truss for Light & Medium duty applications.
The end-plate solution allows you to use either a conical or bolt connection system.
Main advantages of the end-plate connection system:
·       Greater resistance to twisting
·       Decrease in bending
·       Absolute connection compatibility between trusses over the years
·       No risk of truss end deformation
The TH30SA triangular truss from LITEC includes this unique end-plate design, thereby making it the right choice for your Light and Medium-duty applications and providing extreme durability for rental applications. 
The 48x3 mm main chords also make it compatible with the most popular scaffolding clamping systems.
Constructed from extruded 6082 aluminium alloy, it features high load bearing capacity and twist-resistant strength.
  • EN A 6082 T6 aluminium alloy
  • 20 x 2mm diagonals
  • 48 x 3mm main chords