FTH40 + FTH52 Flyintowers Raising your sound to new heights


In order to offer a load capacity range from 300kg to 2000 kg, LITEC has increased its current range of Flyintowers in 2018 to a total of nine models!  That’s four new Flyintower models added this year!
The first two of these new Flyintowers are the FTH40 and FTH52, which provide the strength and stability you’ve come to expect from LITEC at new heights and weight capacities.
The FTH40 allows 1600kg of your audio equipment to be supported up to 10m, while the FTH52 Flyintower supports a total load of 1400kg up to 13m.
Both towers are designed for lifting your loads with an electric chain hoist or manual winch, but more importantly, feature all straight sections made from standard truss, rather than truss that’s custom made.
Trust the support of your sound reinforcement to the time proven design and safety of LITEC flyintowers!

Height:  10m
Loading capacity: 1,600 kg
Main truss:  QL40A
Base dimensions:  5.8 x 7.5m


Height:  13m
Loading capacity:  1,400 kg
Main truss:  QL52A
Base dimensions:  6.4 x 7.9m