Gianna Nannini’s Inno Tour

After the presentation of her new CD “Inno” of unreleased songs, Gianna Nannini travelled all over Europe on her tour.

The new album was recorded in the RAK and Abbey Road studios in London, and was produced by Gianna Nannini together with Wil Malone, the legendary producer of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Verve and Depeche Mode. Patrick Woodroffe signed the stage and light design, and Live Nation looked after the organization and production of the tour.

The minimal stage is a sort of a rock cathedral with four arches which are set off by the light design. The arches with a 4.5m diameter are made in QL52A trusses, and lie on QL52A fixed legs with 10-meter height.

The show stood out for the balance between rock elements of the eighties and nineties and a theatrical setting characterized by some video and the absolute absence of digital graphic effects. The artist succeeded in delivering the audiences all her energy by playing very much during the concerts.

On the stage Gianna Nannini showed off a modern and minimal look George Armani designed expressly for her.