Helping Nigerians lift one voice to the heavens

On 4 December 2015, a 15 m x 12 m Litec roof system covered the world’s largest gospel concert in Lagos, Nigeria. Held in Tafawa Balewa Square, the 10th annual “The Experience” event brought over 500,000 people of different races, denominations and tribes to this temporary religious epicenter. The Experience is a yearly opportunity for Nigerians to put aside tribe, language, class, and creed, to come together as one voice in worship to God.

The Experience attracts the very best gospel musicians and gospel ministers from around the world to take part in the biggest musical event in Africa. Attended by federal and state dignitaries, industry leaders, and faithful men and women, The Experience is a cross section of Nigeria's eclectic community.

To go with the world’s largest gospel event, the company Cytech needed to purchase a safe and reliable roof structure. They chose Litec. “The Experience” roof was constructed from RL76A trusses supported by 8 Litec MT40 maxitowers. RL76A is a twist-resistant, rectangular section of High Load aluminum truss with 76x52 cm sides. It features diagonal reinforcement on each side and has steel fork connections. Thanks to the design of its main components, it ensures high load capacity on the medium-long spans. The 15 m x 12 m structure supported two P.A. systems and had a total outdoor load capacity of 11,100 kg.

To ensure safe maneuvering of stage equipment, scenery and other related structures, Cytech also purchased 1,120 kg EXE-Rise chain hoists, rigging linkable material and 4-channel EXE-Drive controllers. These EXE-Drive controllers work together on bigger structures, or individually, if 2 separate roof systems are set up simultaneously.

Litec experts provided guidance and assistance to a team of experienced professionals, who carried out construction of the roof.

In the end, “The Experience” proved to be a great experience for everyone in attendance and garnered many favorable reviews.