Inject your live events with the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System!

We’ve recently introduced a new concept in heavy-duty portable roofs - the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System. The MyT Folding Steroid was purpose-designed by our engineers to answer the needs of live event companies that require colossal structures with extreme loading capacities, while optimizing transport costs and reducing storage requirements.

The modular, self-contained design of the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System consists of heavy duty components that are a hybrid of folding EN AW-7003 T6 aluminium mother grid truss sections, 85cm x 85cm EN AW-6082 T6 aluminium towers and key structural elements in S355 steel like modular ballast bases, sleeve block and safety block.

The unique, folding aluminium mother grid truss sections are assembled without any welding to optimise performance and eliminate any issues relating to weld heat affected zones. The unique construction also creates a 100% serviceable truss, with any damaged or worn parts easily replaceable. With these features combined, the roof system has a remarkable capacity of up to 40-tons with free-span capabilities up to 35 metres with extremely low deflection.

A ground-breaking feature of the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System is its folding design of its mother grid truss that allows a single person to fold and store a single 3-metre section in less than 3 minutes. This unique folding design decreases each section from 84 x 146 cm to 31 x 146 cm (63% reduction in width!), thus reducing storage space requirements and transport costs.

The aluminium towers have a maximum payload of 18,500 kg at 17 meters height and feature 70 x 5 mm main chords, 50 x 4 mm brace / diagonal and a steel fork connection system.

The S355 steel design elements contribute to the distinctive modular and self-contained environment of the MyT Folding Steroid roof system.  Multi-directional sleeve blocks feature a mechanical safety lock system that secures the block from drop and lift when used in conjunction with the safety block. The Safety Block mechanical locking system possesses a telescopic tube and easily accessible lever. A fully integrated tower base support system features a modular steel ballast system with connections on all six sides.

With the MyT Folding Steroid Roof System now officially launched and available on the world market, we look forward to injecting its power into more live events around the globe.