LITEC Announces the Agreement with SLS-Sound Systems in Portugal

SLS-Sound and Light Systems was founded in 2014 from an idea of Rui Nunes.
After nearly 30 years of experience, Rui understood the need of a new approach to the Professional Audio and Lighting market in Portugal. The company was formed to fulfill the real needs of the market professionals offering them know how, transparency and trust.
SLS - Sound and Light Systems is a dynamic and efficient company, which supplies the best and most competitive solutions to its customers, through a careful selection of the brands it represents and distributes.
Among them LITEC, as a top quality truss manufacturer providing excellent products at competitive prices and total confidence in trussing world, is exactly what SLS-Sound and Light Systems has been looking for to meet its truss needs.
Rui Nunes commented: “Distributing LITEC was on old objective of mine. Since I met Raffaella Scaccia for the first time I have been striving to work with her and LITEC. It took me five years, but obtaining the distribution of LITEC is a dream come true. I could not be more excited. We are sure we will build up a successful collaboration together."
Raffaella Scaccia, LITEC Sales Manager, stated: “We welcome the close cooperation with SLS. The combination of our experience in truss manufacturing and SLS’ undeniable understanding of the Portuguese market form previously inaccessible value and a competitive advantage for clients. We believe SLS is the right partner to grow within Portugal.”