LITEC brings innovation to PLASA


This year’s PLASA Show was a unique outing for LITEC, as their new MyT Virtue truss was entered in the PLASA Awards for Innovation 2018 and won over many show attendees with its unique design, folding feature, compact form factor, and 60 mm main chords that allow use of standard clamps. Its high load capacity was also a favourite, due to the use of high-strength EN AW 7003 T6 aluminium alloy for its construction and integral structural parts assembled with high grade steel nuts and bolts to optimize performance, eliminate issues related to weld heat affected zones. The nut and bolt construction also allows for easy service of individual truss components that could get damaged during use, such as the main chords or diagonals. Not to mention the 24 – 30 metre spans that are possible with the MyT Virtue!
Products from the EXE Technology ( range on display in the Area Four Industries UK stand allowed visitors to have physical “hands on” demonstrations of selected models from the EXE-RISE hoist and EXE-Drive ranges, as well as the EXE-Cell Interface System.  EXE-Rise chain hoists feature an 8:1 safety factor, with a compact size and lightweight design for better portability, reduced storage requirements and lower transportation costs. The EXE-Drive controller range features standalone and digital multilinked controllers with both 4 and 8 channels. And the innovative EXE-Cell Interface system is a standalone load cell reader that fully integrates in a chain hoist body to provide riggers with a reading of the individual weight applied to a chain hoist during all rigging operations, in REAL TIME!
The new EXE-DST66 (dynamic stack tracks) multipurpose rail system was also presented at the show. Designed for your larger projects, the DST66 claims amazingly high towing loads and extremely quick speeds.
On the heels of introducing their new, full range of conical truss earlier this year, JTE came to the show with selected samples from their iconic forked and plated truss ranges.
All in all, a great show and we look forward to seeing you next year at PLASA Show 2019!