LITEC PR60 Pre-Rig Truss


An ideal solution for Touring applications, this special truss profile is constructed without bracing on the underside, which allows moving or fixed lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged inside the truss before arriving at the venue. This eliminates the need to move bulky cases around….and consequently allows for greatly reduced trucking space, but, more importantly...ensures faster and more efficient lighting set up and break down at the event venue since everything is already loaded up and ready to go.
LITEC’s PR60 “pre-rig truss” and its dedicated line of accessories allow for the permanent attachment, storage and transportation of a wide range of lighting equipment. Each pre-rig “dolly” comes with removable leg and caster frames for easy transport and manoeuvrability during load in/out operations. The bracing pattern, located on the upper side of the truss, provides multiple fixing positions for many types of lighting fixtures directly to the truss or via a dedicated lighting drop bar.
Key benefits:
  • Truss lengths: 150, 235 and 300cm, as well as custom dimensions on request
  • Truss connection via a dedicated “fork” system, available in 3 options: 90° Fixed, 90° Steps Rotating or 360° Continuous Rotation
  • CE certified
  • Fixed or adjustable height dollies sold separately
  • Finishing: Natural or Powder Coated
  • Custom colours and finishes available on request
  • Accessories, such as horizontal gates, vertical gates, additional light bars and double vertical/horizontal forks are also available