LITEC presents the new series of EXE-Rise chain hoists with a Low Voltage control for the D8 620kg, 1120kg and 2000kg models and for the D8+ 310kg, 560kg and 1000kg models. The new product line is equipped with a 24VAC control system according to the European directive 2006/95/CE.

How does a Low Voltage EXE-Rise chain hoist?
To utilize a LVC chain hoist it is necessary to use a specific device for its control.

It is essential that any control unit used for feeding LVC EXE-Rise chain hoists guarantees a three-phase direct sequence supply, a three-phase inverse sequence supply would in fact jeopardise the operation of the chain limit switches.

The operation of the chain limit switches may be modified by factory setting and regulated as required working on the notched ring nuts, installed inside the chain hoist, on the endless bar of the limit switch block.

Limit switches are calibrated so as to automatically stop the motor some links before the chain finishes its length on both directions.

After acting on the ascent and descent selector to preselect the direction, the start button is activated on the control unit, where the Low Voltage EXE-Rise chain hoist has been linked to correctly.

The external control of the hoist ascent and descent causes the activation of the UP / DOWN teleinvertitor installed on the chain hoist and the subsequent movement of the chain hoist itself as long as limit switches are in the rest position.

The motor will continue its run towards the selected direction until it reaches the maximum chain run limit set on the limit switch. When it reaches the maximum limit, the chain hoist can be activated only by inverting the direction from the external control unit.

The damage of one of the two limit switches (ascent or descent) compromises the chain hoist run towards that direction.

Some technical features

  • Power supply: 4x1.5mm2 equipped with a red plug CEE 16A 3P+T 6h 400VAC (if required other tension standards are available)
  • Control cable: 4x1.5mm2 equipped with a yellow plug CEE 16A 3P+T 6h 400VAC
  • Internal autotransformer: 20VA, primary 400VAC and secondary 24VAC
  • Control circuit protection through fuses (0.8A)
  • Three-pole teleinvertitor: Schneider Electric - Series LC2-K09 with coil in 24VAC for rated operational current 4KW in AC3 400V
  • Maximum control cable length applicable to the motor: 50m
  • Mechanical limit switch with manual regulation through ring nuts assembled on the endless screw
  • Maximum chain length managed with the chain hoist: 60m for single chain models or 30m for double chain models.