Swan Lake Reloaded

Swan Lake Reloaded is the show of the year. Created by Swedish-born Fredrik Rydman, Swan Lake Reloaded uses the remixed music of Tchaikovsky original combined with a host Swedish and international pop and rock writers. His techno remix of the Tchaikovsky classic makes a brilliant spectacle.

The story remains the same with some changes. In Rydman’s vision of the great ballet, the enchanted swans are heroin-addicted prostitutes, and Rothbarth is their pimp. Young Siegfried falls for Odette and vows to save her from a life of prostitution.

For this travelling show our German customer SWL has provided consultancy on motion control products for theatre and installed no.8 BGV-C1 EXE-Rise of 500kg each, which run 0-16m/min, for the vertical movement of 4 portals.

Swan Lake Reloaded has been a hit in Sweden, across Germany, France and England, and certainly brings a younger audience into many theatres all around Europe.