Team up for efficiency

The business model of Area Four Industries is based on synergy rather than competition. Its four brands – Tomcat, James Thomas Engineering, Milos and Litec – work together in perfect harmony across the globe. Each brand designs and manufactures its own, unique products that do not compete with products from the other brands in the group. Each brand resides within its own niche in the global truss marketplace and focuses on what it does best.

The philosophy and thinking behind Area Four Industries is further explored in an interview with its three leaders - Frantisek Zykan (Director of Milos), Scott Johnson (President of Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering) and Fabio Prada (Managing Director of Litec and James Thomas EMEA) - in the latest online and printed issue of the American magazine Projection, Lights and Staging News. During the interview, they talk about how each brand is maintaining its own identity, their approach to the products and services they offer, and the uniqueness of the one-stop-shopping experience they have created for truss and support structure customers around the world. The information they cover gives an interesting overview of Area Four Industries and their vision for the future of the truss industry.

The full interview can be found here.