TV Studios in Saronno, Italy

The LITEC systems find new applications more and more often in TV studios thanks to the strong collaboration with Arri Group.

The Arri Group is the largest worldwide supplier of motion picture film equipment. Arri was founded in Munich, Germany, in 1917 named after founders August Arnold and Robert Richter. In the following years Arri extended its product portfolio to all film production equipment including lighting devices and digital post-production instruments.

Recently Arri used LITEC trussing structures in the TCI TV Studios in Saronno, near Milan. They set up two fixed structures; the first of remarkable dimensions as such 20.5mx15.5mx4.5m(h), was built in the main room and was made in RF40 trusses on 6 towers in QD30SA. The second of 13.5mx10mx4.5m (h) develops from 2 legs of the first system and was designed in QX30S on 4 towers in QX30S.

TCI Group has been in the world market of lighting for over 25 years designing projects and realizing electronic systems. The high quality standard of the production processes has allowed TCI to obtain in 1995 the ISO 9001 certification. All the products are made in accordance with the most severe international safety and reliability regulations, recognized by the most important European quality institutes.

TCI will become a Digital terrestrial and Internet channel in a short time. Davide Bernarello, Lighting Sales Representative of Arri, who attended the whole project, declared: "For this kind of installations I suggest trussing structures more than other systems. The reasons for my choice are numerous:

  • they are self-bearing structures, not limited by restrictions of logistics, load capacities and weights
  • they easily house cyclorama rail systems, electrical conduits, lights and scenography
  • they are appreciated by scenographers for their high number of hanging points
  • they are easy and quick to build; installers are fewer and set-up time is less than other systems
  • finally, they guarantee the highest safety in their use.