As of 5th August 2019, Litec Italia S.r.l. and Audio Effetti S.r.l will integrate and combine their commercial and technical experiences to offer more direct and widespread services to customers based in the Italian regions of Campania, Apulia, Calabria, Molise, Sardinia and Basilicata for all aspects regarding the "trussing & rigging" products used in the entertainment, exhibition and corporate events markets.

The partnership, which already began in 2016, was immediately exclusive for some regions such as Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta and, having reached excellent results, has now been extended to other regions in Italy.

Naturally, the collaboration will not stop only at this. In fact, it is already in the roadmap that the two companies will organize and share events open to the public both in Italy and abroad aimed at the promotion, knowledge and training on products and technologies created by Litec Italia S.r.l. and distributed by Audio Effetti S.r.l.

 For further information, we invite you to contact Litec ( , +39 0422 997300) or Audio Effetti ( , +39 010 5451202).