Alptransit high-speed railway project

Project: Alptransit high-speed railway project
Venue: Swizerland
Size: 8x8m
Systems: LIBERA FL52 trusses and Maxitowers MT40.
Photo credits: EMME & Electric Claudio Merlo Lighting Equipment SA.

AlpTransit is a high-speed railway project that runs through Switzerland. It is an underground railway passage through the Alps splitted in base tunnels excavated hundreds of meters under the current ones. More than 1,000 guests and many transalpine televisions took part in the special event organised for the fall of the last partition of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel.

They attended the moment when the miners symbolically shook their hands with the others of the opposite side. For the video shooting a 10.5mx8m truss structure in LIBERA FL52 was set up. The system was supported by 4 Maxitowers MT40 and carried out with 6 hanging points for the creation of a technical intermediate gallery.