Carillon – the flight of time

Project: Carillon – the flight of time
Venue: 200 cities in more than 30 countries and on 4 continents
Systems: QX30SA and QX40SA trusses
Photo credits: Kitonb Project.

Carillon is an urban theatre show. A huge rotating metal parallelepiped, made in QX30SA trusses and crisscrossed by a mesh of 600 metres of elastic cable, becomes a surreal Carillon, the central scenery of the show, from which the story emerges and the choreographic and acrobatic performance of the dancers develops. Spectacular, moving scenic machines, operating on several stages, gigantic flying scenery suspended 80 metres in the air by hydraulic crane and choreographic sequences by dancer-acrobats all create a three-dimensional spectacle that totally engages the audience.