Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Project: The canopy’s upper and lower layers
Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui
Size: a 15m sail
Systems: QX30SA trusses
Photo credits: Macostar.

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre is well-known for being one of the busiest performing venues in Hong Kong with a wide range of performances packed all year round.
Macostar worked with LITEC to make a 15m-long QX30SA square-type truss system for the canopy’s upper layer: the metallic space frame structure, and the lower layer: black trusses for performance lightings. QX30SA was chosen for its compact size, light weight, and excellent performance with high-load bearing and twisting strength.

As the LITEC team could also offer tailor-made trusses and cross fittings, the metallic space frame became less cluttered, and aesthetically looked even more elegant and refined. The metallic space frame was then fitted with 16 flat wood panels and 10 15°-curved acrylic panels.