Heineken Jammin’ Festival

Project: Heineken Jammin’ Festival
Venue: San Giuliano in Venice
Size: 60x18x19(h)m with PA wings on sides
Systems: MyT, LIBERA FL105 and QH40SA trusses
Photo credits: Italstage Company.

The Heineken Jammin' Festival, the most popular summer live rock event in Italy, was held in San Giuliano, Venice, a park with 730,000sqm of green areas and 130,000sqm concert areas. It was a four-day marathon of live music, which featured many international rock stars like Aerosmith, Greenday, Black Eyed Peas, and Pearl Jam.

The main stage had extraordinary dimensions, 60m in length, 18m in depth and 19m in height, and was built in three days. Several types of LITEC trusses were assembled for its construction: MyT met the needs of very high load capacities on such a long span; Libera FL105 was used for roofing guides; and end-plated QH40SA offered many suspension points.