Teatro Sferisterio, Macerata

Project: Scene lighting Support
Venue: Teatro Sferisterio, Macerata
Size: Several structures – 5.75x1.8x4.8(h)m each
Systems: QX25SA trusses
Photo credits: AB Computer-Ingegneria e Architettura

LITEC has supplied some QX25SA structures for the scene lighting of one of the most significant works of art of the late European Neoclassicism, the Sferisterio of Macerata. The harmonious structure guarantees perfect visibility and outstanding acoustics.

Due to its modularity and reduced overall dimensions (25cm), the end-plated constructive system fits the dimensions of the balcony. It articulates on two spans of a total length of 575cm and a variable breadth from 170 to 190 cm according to the arts constraints. Vertically it reaches a maximum length of 480cm.