Vasco Rossi’s Live Kom Tour

Project: Vasco Rossi’s Live Kom Tour
Venue: Milan Stadium
Size: 25x25x54(h)m
Systems: QX30SA, QL85A and MyT trusses
Photo credits: Italstage Company & Tommaso Lamantia.

The stage LITEC has constructed for the most successful Italian rock singer Vasco Rossi remains the highest ever raised for a live event. It broke the record detained by the U2 360° Tour with its 52.30 meter height, that is a 16-floor building. This stage is huge and delivers bigness, height and dizziness. Unlike other more conventional installations where homogeneous elements are used, here five types of LITEC products with their proper engineering characteristics are adopted. The difficulty truly consisted in putting together modular elements with different self-weights, load capacities and dynamics.

LITEC also provided cutting-edge technical support during the whole development process, and manufactured all the standard and customized aluminium trusses.