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Concerts are held in a wide variety of locations, and stage designs vary according to the type of event, size of the stage and onstage equipment needs. Trusses are used to build up structures and support loads, such as lighting or sound equipment. Touring stage sets have to be spectacular, readily adaptable to different stage dimensions in different venues, easy to be assembled and dismantled.

LITEC offers the High Load range for applications where heavy equipment and structures need to be supported across wide spans. The High Load range comprises a wide selection of products designed to respond to the specific needs of a variety of different fields of application.

LITEC assists clients at every stage, from initial concept to completion of the structure. No matter how simple or complex the project, LITEC is on-hand to provide safe, high-performance and innovative solutions. The best-suited products and the most professional team, leading to the right solution to every request


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