Heavy-duty MTB - Multi Tower Base

Super Universal Base of the new HiPe Steel Series

Extreme versatility, designed to accept towers from 40cm to 85cm. A single base, ready for any use. A sandwich of two steel plates weighing 500kg with 8 adjustable Layher base plate to ensure perfect leveling and even load distribution.

The legs are easily mountable and removable. They adapt to a 90° cross configuration or a 45° 'X' configuration. This allows to fix the towers with the correct orientation. Each leg is equipped with an original adjustable Layher Base Plate.

Alternatively, they can be joined together with a connecting profile when the need arises to connect two towers (in this case, the new HiPe Dual Tower Sleeve Block series cart is provided).

Each leg is independent and does not interfere with the others. If necessary, for specific mounting requirements, it is easy to increase the number up to the 8 available slots.

Versatility as a Key Attribute


Compatibility with LITEC towers:

Fork & Conical Connectivity

All connectors are fork-terminal and are fixed to the base with M30 bolts. The aluminum connector for the LITEC QL40 tower is supplied with a spigot adapter.

Compatibility between multi-brand towers

With custom-designed connectors, the Heavy Duty MTB can accommodate most existing square towers on the market and is ready to adapt to new future towers with measurements between 40 and 86cm.

Versatility, safety, cost-effectiveness. LITEC is close to professionals with solutions that simplify procedures.