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15 X12 m QL52A Double-pitch

15 X12 m QL52A Double-pitch

The LITEC QL52 double pitch roof is an evolution of LITEC’s popular QL40A single pitch roof and is the right choice for medium-sized outdoor events. Thanks to its double pitch construction and QL52A load-bearing truss with fork connections, it looks great and solid, even under severe wind conditions which increased loads requirements.

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Basic info

  • 15 x 12 metres
  • From 7 to 11 meters tall
  • Constructed from LITEC’s QL52A high load, anti-torsion truss with 50mm x 4mm chords, 30mm x 3mm diagonals, and fork connectors
  • 4x Maxitower 40 towers
  • 7,000 kg UDL Optional PA/LED wall wings
  • Available on request covered technical areas
  • 8 hour set-up time with 5 riggers

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