Products / Flyintowers / FLYINTOWER 6-300 - Compact for PA Tower h6.0m, SWL300kg)
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Support tower for audio systems. It is an entry-level lifter for audio support based on QX30SA trusses, suitable for loads of up to 300kg.
  • Maximum tower height:6 m
  • Weight:70 kg
  • Vertical main truss: QX30SA 300
  • Maximum lifting load capacity: 300 kg

One of the main features is its compactness, which is particularly significant when dismantled. Only 0.4m3 in volume, small enough to fit entirely into a flight case. The system is provided with manual hoist. On request, the Flyintower 6-300 can be supplied with a flight case that holds all components (except the vertical trusses).

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