LITEC «MD» CROWD BARRIER – 120 & 200 Series

•This line of crowd barrier has been engineered with the target to provide more easy modular partition crowd barrier system, with less demanding thrust load comparing to the “HD” system.

•They are made in aluminum EN6082 T6 alloy, with the addition of 16mm thick polycarbonate sheet;

•As for the rest of the families, we have here two options: the 120 Series (1200 mm height) and the 200 series (200 mm height). Both version shares a 1035 mm width aluminum base platform;

•Majority of them are foldable, easy to remove, store, transport and install and disassemble;

•They distinguish themselves comparing to steel systems available in the market for their high quality, corrosion and aging resistance, offering a combination of optimum safety and comfort for both the audience and rescue personnel;

•They are connected one by one, and feature extended footboard to make the barriers more stable;

•The slope on front board avoids accidental tripping; 

•Our engineering staff is also available for all possible customizations needs;