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MyT Virtue-- Smallest of MyT family with high load capacity and folding design

The smallest member of the MyT family with folding design  and higher load capacity for larger, more demanding indoor/outdoor events.

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Basic info

  • Chords A: extruded tube Ø 60 mm EN AW 7003 T6
  • Diagonals B: extruded aluminium tube Ø 60 mm EN AW 7003 T6
  • Ends C: aluminium  forks connector  EN AW 7003 T6
  • Connection systems steel 11SmnPb37
  • Bolts cl 10.9
  • Section area 5.284 mm²
The newest, and smallest member of the MyT family is made from EN AW-7003 T6 aluminium alloy. It features a folding design for efficient storage and transportation. The MyT Virtue delivers a higher load capacity thatn our RL105A series and all other truss with similar dimensions. It's the right choice for your larger and more demanding indoor/outdoor events.

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