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MyT Folding Steroid Truss

Rectangular section High Load aluminium truss with extraordinary dimensions.

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Basic info

  • Unique folding design decreases each truss section from 84 x 146 cm to 31 x 146 cm (63% reduction in width!), thus reducing storage space requirements and transport costs.
  • A single person can fold and store a single 3-metre section in less than 3 minutes
  • Bolted construction eliminates weld heat affected zones and allows for easy replacement of damaged or worn parts
  • Made from ultra-high strength EN AW-7003 aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with 4 large robust rubber wheels for easy transport and handling on many different ground conditions

Rectangular, high load EN AW-7003 aluminium truss with unique foldable construction that greatly reduces storage space requirements and transportation costs.
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