Crowd Barriers HEAVY DUTY


• Crowd barriers are commonly used at events calling for demarcation or prohibition of access to and from open spaces;

• They are made in aluminum EN6082 T6 alloy, a durable and absolutely environmental friendly material;

• Design horizontal load applied on top rail: 300 kg per meter length, according to EN 13200-3;

• 120 & 200 Series are engineered for HEAVY DUTY applications, made of modular elements based on 1035 mm width;

• The special slope on front board avoids accidental tripping;

• They are also know as “anti-panic” barrier in view of their robust construction. Once bolted together they deliver a firmly anchored fence that will remain in place even in very agitated situations.

• They fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage.

• They distinguish themselves comparing to steel systems available in the market for their high quality, corrosion and aging resistance, offering a combination of optimum safety and comfort for both the audience and rescue personnel;

• 120 & 200 series can also be combined together;

• Our Engineering Team is available for all possible customizations needs;