SDS Air 4x55 - Air Disinfection/Purifier




• Disinfection Technology based on UV Type C ultraviolet lamps;

• The UV rays are capable of destroying the DNA/RNA of micro bio-organisms like  bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses, including the COVID 19 CORONAVIRUS!. While preventing replication, hence are known as disinfectants.

• Closed-type device suitable for public places with frequent movement of persons;

• It is possible to choose among two configurations, depending from the area to purify & disinfect:

- ORDER CODE: LT XSD-P4X55W - Noise level 40 dB with an airflow of 150m³/hours;

- ORDER CODE: LT XSD-P4X55WHO - Noise level 70 dB with an airflow of 310m³/hours;

• 2x filter prevents from UV discharge lamp soiling, provides additional air purification, and prevents from UV radiation leakage;

• LED status, service, and the need of UV discharge lamp replacement notification;

• Safety pin that automatically turns off the device when the cover is opened when replacing the exhausted lamps;





Technical Specifications​


• Dimensions: 995 x 204 mm; Weight: 15.2kg; lampada.png

• Color finishing available: Light Grey RAL7035 and Black RAL9005 MET;

• Operation voltage: 230 VAC/50 Hz; UniSchuko plug connector / EU Terminal;

• Input power: 230W/50Hz in active mode with a stand-by mode of just 1 W;

• Equipped with lifting eye for ceiling use;

• Discharge lamp lifetime: 8000 hours;

• Protection IP20

• Ozone Free Operation;

• UV-C emitter: 4 x PL-L 55W 2G11 tube

•  Working environment according to IEC 60364-5-51: AB5;

       - indoor environment with a temperature of 5 – 40 ºC;

       - absolute humidity 1 – 25 g/m3;

       - relative humidity 5 – 85%;





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