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LIBERA FL76 single-pitch roof system. Dimensions: 15x13m. Uniformly distributed load UDL: 5000 kg

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Basic info

  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 m
  • Heights range: from 8 to 14 m
  • Main truss: LIBERA FL76
  • Towers: 4 x Maxitower 52
  • Uniformly distributed load UDL: 5000 kg ≈
  • Chain hoists: 1000-2000 kg
  • Total weight: 4280 kg
  • Volume: 33 m3
  • Set-up time & number of workers: 5 hrs / 4 w

LIBERA is an open structural system. Roof systems in LIBERA 76 consist of Maxitowers and a LIBERA FL76 grid structure.
With the single-pitch roof, the upper grid structure consists of trusses with built-in LIBERA FL76R roofing sheet guides.
Side extensions for suspensions outside the set may be added to the front.

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