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LIBERA FL76 double-pitch roof system. Dimensions: 17x13m. Uniformly distributed load UDL: 12000 kg

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Basic info

  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 m
  • Heights range: from 8 to 14 m
  • Main truss: LIBERA FL76
  • Towers: 6 x Maxitower 52
  • Uniformly distributed load UDL: 12000 kg ≈
  • Chain hoists: 1000 - 2000 kg
  • Total weight: 7000 kg
  • Volume: 60 m3
  • Set-up time & number of workers: 5 hrs / 5 w

LIBERA is an open structural system. Roof systems in LIBERA 76 consist of Maxitowers and a LIBERA FL76 grid structure. For the double-pitch version normal LIBERA FL76 trusses are used with the addition of support systems and sliding guides for the roofing sheet, which are fixed to the grid. This arrangement has the advantage of having a horizontal hanging plane.
Side extensions for suspensions outside the set may be added to the front.

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