Products / LED screen ground supports / S6-H6-L1,300 - A 6 m span and load capacity up to 1,300 kg
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A simple support solution for LED screens with a 6 m span and load capacity up to 1,300 kg. The ground support is made in QX40SA and in Towerlift 3.
  • Span 6 m
  • Height 6 m
  • Uniformly distributed load UDL * 1300 kg (Indicative loading data for use in environments without wind)
  • Towers Towerlift 3
  • Main trusses QX40SA

Screen supports for a wide range of applications can be configured using your products in stock. To request assistance on our LED Screen Ground Supports, please contact our engineering office, who will create a configuration to meet your technical requirements.

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